Organic Cacoa Powder

Our fine brown organic cacoa powder has a very pure, mouthwatering flavor with no sugar added.  


  • Enjoy our Cacoa powder as required!
  • It makes a fabulous high protein addition to your smoothie or shake. Great in hot chocolate, puddings, baking and cooking. Try making your own chocolate!


Ingredients: Organic Cacao Powder



Store in a cool, dry place.

Keep out of children’s reach.

Discontinue and consult a doctor if adverse reaction occurs.

This product is packaged where nuts and seeds are handled so may contain traces.



Note: We describe our products in good faith. The information provided about all of our products are derived from the use and characteristics commonly attributed to it, although we do believe these products can be of great benefit, we do not claim to cure any conditions.


Organic Cacoa Powder